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As a Licensed Customs Broker, Noble Worldwide Logistics is proud to operate to the highest standards of governmental and regulatory compliance.

We provide the expert guidance our clients require to ensure their cargo moves across international borders efficiently and uninterrupted.

Noble offers our clients a full range of customs services including

  • ISF filing
  • AES filing
  • Customs Clearance
  • Binding Rulings
  • Tariff Classification and Rulings
  • Duty Drawback services
  • ACH payment services
  • Foreign Importer and FPPI services
  • Customs Bonds

With a focus on regulatory compliance and strategic consulting, our clients are provided the legal and regulatory guidance necessary to ensure they are compliant and up-to-date with the latest regulations including duty rates, tariff classifications, and more.

Cargo is cleared remotely through all USA ports of entry via RLF (Remote Location Filing). Wherever possible, care is taken to ensure that you benefit from any special provisions allowed by U.S. Customs (such as GSP). Entries are cleared upon “wheels up” for airfreight shipments and 5 days prior to ETA for seafreight shipments to ensure smooth import and delivery.

In the event that a shipment is randomly selected for examination by US Customs or another regulatory agency, Noble works swiftly and proactively to identify the cause for examination, submit all required documentation materials, and ensure our clients are updated every step of the way.