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Noble Worldwide Logistics is proud to be a member in good standing of CGLI. CGLI is a global network of privately-held professional Freight Forwarders.

The forwarder is the architect of a client’s supply chain but also the contractor. A valuable forwarder’s strength lies in his professional and skilled staff but also in his address book. In order to serve his customers worldwide a network of reliable partners is of paramount importance.

CGLI is a network where members work very closely together and take good care of each other’s business, creating a safe global environment which shippers, consignees and traders alike can count on.

Noble Worldwide Logistics is proud of our global partners who have helped our clients solve every sort of problem imaginable.

From natural disasters affecting cargo movement to governmental and regulatory uncertainty, from language translations and cultural barriers to civil strikes and disruptions, Noble Worldwide Logistics has the network of experienced and knowledgeable partners to surpass your supply chain expectations.

Noble Worldwide Logistics – Global Expertise. Local Passion.